Frequently Asked Questions

For Custom Paintings


  • What size paintings do you offer?
    • Paintings are available in practically any size you can think of.
    • For gifts and pet portraits, the most popular sizes are 11"×14" and 16"×20", but larger is available.
    • For living rooms and public spaces, the most popular sizes are 36"×48" and 60"×72", but smaller is available.
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  • How do I know what size painting to choose?
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  • How do I commission a custom painting?
    • It's easier than you think!
      1. Decide what subject you'd like painted.
      2. Estimate what size you'd like to have.
      3. Account for any timeline you may have (holiday, birthday, etc.)
      4. Gather any relevant photos for reference.
      5. Send this all to
      • From that point...
        1. We will respond to you with a price quote and timeline.
        2. We can discuss delivery options.
        3. Once everything is approved, payment can be made online.
        4. The painting begins!
        • We will contact you when you're painting is complete!
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      • Do I need to send you reference photos?
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      • Do the paintings come framed?
        • The paintings typically come unframed.  However, if you'd like to have yours framed, we can make arrangements for that.
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      • How do I pay?
        • The most popular way to pay is through Zelle, Venmo, or PayPal.
        • If you'd like to pay with check, cash, or credit card, we can easily make arrangements for that.
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